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Note: This page applies to v2.70 through the current version

See this page for 2.00 through 2.67 instructions.

Activating SNMPv3 Mode

SNMPv3 USM settings are entered as shown below.

Accessing SNMPv3 Security Settings

1. How to Access SNMPv3 Security Settings

Pick the switch you need to configure for SNMPv3. Press Settings, then select v3, then press the SNMPv3 Security Settings button. Once you have entered the settings, press OK to come back and then press Test Device.

SNMPv3 settings entry window

2. Enter SNMPv3 Settings in the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool

The settings must match what is in your switch or you WILL see a Switch Communications Timeout and Failure with our first SNMP query when you press Map Switch. SNMP is unforgiving - make a mistake and it usually will not tell you. Note: Context field is usually left blank.

SNMPv3 has 3 security levels, each can be assigned to a different username in your switch:
  • noAuthNoPriv - most equivalent to SNMPv2c with only a Username required. Everything is sent plaintext.
  • authNoPriv - Username and Authentication Password required. Password is 8 chars minimum.
  • authPriv - Username, Authentication Password and Privacy Password required. Passwords are 8 chars minimum.