• A Network Switch Mapping Solution

How to Install the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool after Downloading the Installation File

  1. Locate the downloaded zip file. It will be named spm2xx.zip where 'x's represent the version number.
  2. Double click on the zip file to activate your default method of unzipping files.
  3. Locate spm2xx.exe inside the zip file and double click to run it.
  4. You may be presented with a message from the operating system User Account Control asking if you want this app to make changes to your PC. The Verified Publisher will be Northwest Performance Software, Inc. (note: Windows 7 is less likely to show the verified publisher than other operating systems) Our installer and all executable files are code signed for your protection.
  5. When the actual installer appears, we recommend pressing Next on each wizard step for fastest installation. The second installer wizard page is this EULA, reproduced here for your convenience.
  6. If you choose to uninstall, please visit this page for uninstall instructions.

Where the installer puts the files

  • Default location of Program Files, 64 bit operating systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\nwps\SwitchPortMapper
  • Default location of Program Files, 32 bit operating systems: C:\Program Files\nwps\SwitchPortMapper
  • Read/Write Databases and temporary files: C:\Users\%yourLoginName%\AppData\Roaming\NWPS\ManagedSwitchPortMapper
  • Read Only Databases and images: C:\Users\All Users\NWPS\ManagedSwitchPortMapper
The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool does not install any drivers or browser add-ons.