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Use the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool to discover devices connected to your network switch ports.

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool -
Software for Discovering Devices Attached to Network Switch Ports

Ask yourself...

Do you have a rack of ethernet network switches with cables leading to who knows where?

Do you need to discover and identify the network devices attached to your switches?

Do you need a single app to map port usage on several different brands of switches?

We can help! Our Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool can discover and show you the MAC addresses and IPv4 addresses of devices attached to the physical ports of your switches. Supply the access credentials for each switch and map them manually or as a list of switches.

The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool can map SNMP managed switches from many manufacturers.

Examples of supported brands**: Cisco (IOS and Nexus), Hewlett Packard, SMC, Dell, Netgear, 3-com, D-Link, Linksys, Nortel, Enterasys Cabletron and others. See the models we have tested it with here.

**not all switches can be mapped due to differences in SNMP firmware support and hardware versions. Requires SNMP read access.

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Fast - supports SNMP v2c/v3 Bulk Transfer mode. This mode reduces required SNMP bandwidth significantly. Bulk Transfer mode is not supported by SNMPv1.
Map Switches Manually one at a time or as a set of switches in a list.
Switch Lists - map a group or set of switches, record the mapping results in the History Database and optionally automatically export the XML results for each switch to files as the switch list is mapped.
History Database - all switch mappings are automatically saved here. Searchable. Review a switch mapping at a later time.
SNMPv3 - supports USM access model SNMPv3 requests.
Command Line - run the app from the command line using various options. Use Windows Task Scheduler to map a switch or switch list when you need it mapped.
Optional Columns - 16 optional columns supporting RMON and Cisco packet related counters including overruns etc. New Voice VLAN column added in v2.41 that currently supports Cisco switches.
LLDP and CDP neighbor information are reported. See neighboring devices like other switches and routers connected to a switch port. Often shows the attached device's corresponding port too.
Import ARP tables from text files. Use this for networks where IP/MAC address pairings are known.
Updated User Interface - has the Windows 8/Office 2013 look and feel using skins. Change the appearance of the program to other styles.
A fully portable USB version is also available. No installation required on the host computer.

More Information...
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Product Information

The Managed Switch Port Mapping tool communicates with managed Ethernet network switches using SNMPv1/v2c/v3 and discovers the MAC and IP addresses of devices attached to the physical port jacks on the front of the switches. The software is intended for use on Microsoft Windows® operating systems and can be also used on Apple MAC OSX if you use Windows inside a virtual machine like VMware Fusion or Parallels.

No switch is too big or too small, but it must be capable of being 'managed' using SNMP (simple network management protocol) and it must support Bridge MIB. We have customers using this tool on switches as small as the Cisco SF 300-08 series all the way up to core switches like the Cisco 6500 series.

All you have to do is enter the switch IPv4 address and the SNMP v1/v2c/v3 read-only credentials. Then press Map Switch. We do the rest. Watch one of the videos to see it in action.

Results are presented in a spreadsheet-like grid. You can print the results or export the results to your favorite spreadsheet program as either tab-delimited text or as XML.

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News and Reviews

Latest Release

Version 2.42 was released on January 22, 2015 - his release fixes a problem where a first time user would see an unimportant error message on startup because the history database was empty. The 2.41 release from Jan 14 improves VLAN reporting for Cisco switches and adds a new optional column showing Voice VLAN assignments (currently only supports Cisco switches).

Version 2.42 is a free upgrade if you have a 2.x license.
V2.42 is a
not a free upgrade if you have a licensed older version 1.x.

Version 2.42 full list of changes are here.

Portable Software on USB Flash Drive Announced

Now available as a portable USB Flash Drive Application - no installation required on the host computer system.


June 28, 2013. Dominic M. "This works for me.. I will be purchasing your software.. The product is great... support is excellent (Kirk Thomas). It took me 2 weeks to update my switch port maps manually... Your software did it in a couple of hours...awesome!!!"

April 4, 2013 Review of Switch Port Mapper in Petri IT Knowledgebase "How to Identify What is Connected to a Network Switch"

Revision History

Revision history of every release of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool since v1.0.

Seeing is believing.

Watch the Switch Port Mapping Tool in action. Check out these videos before you decide to download and try it for yourself. Discover for yourself why our customers think this is the best Switch Port Mapper around!

These links open a new window to the videos on our site.

Mapping a 3Com 4800G 24 port switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping a Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping a Nortel BES110 switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping an HP ProCurve 1810G-8 switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping a Cisco Small Business SF 300-08 switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping an HP Procurve 2524 switch.Demo Video Link

Mapping a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch.Demo Video Link

See it on YouTube: Switch Port Mapping an HP ProCurve 1810G-8 Network Switch

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