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What is the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool?

Software for Windows that discovers devices attached to network switch ports.

Ask Yourself...

Do you have a rack of ethernet network switches with cables leading to who knows where?

Do you need to discover and identify the network devices attached to your switches?

Do you need a single app to map port usage on several different brands of switches?

We can help!

Our Switch Port Mapper can discover and show you the MAC addresses and optionally IPv4 addresses of devices attached to the physical ports of your switches.

About The Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool

Works with Managed Switches

Specifically, SNMP managed network switches. You need to supply the SNMP read access credentials for each switch. We show the results in spreadsheet-like format.


Supports SNMP v2c/v3 Bulk Transfer mode. Significantly reduces required SNMP bandwidth.

Manufacturer Independent

Works with Cisco (IOS/Nexus/Small Business), HP, Dell, Netgear, 3-com, SMC, D-Link, Linksys, Nortel, Enterasys Cabletron and others.

Installed Version

Installed on your Windows computer hard drive. This is a desktop application.

USB Version

Fully portable USB version runs from and saves data to a USB Flash Drive.

Try before Buy

Try out the fully functional software for 30 days before buying.

Low Cost

A single Installed Version license is $199. USB Version licenses slightly more.

No Maintenance Plan

All v2.x updates are free.

Frequent Updates

We respond to user input and update the software as frequently as needed. Typical once a month.

Screenshots and Videos

These are a few screenshots of the app. Videos are available on this page.