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About the Revision History Page

This page shows the full revision history for the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool through the current version.

2.80 March 21, 2018 (2.80.1 published same day with one small change to executable)

-Added colorization of LAG/LACP/PAGP/HP Trunk interface groups so that the user can rapidly tell which member ports belong to an aggregation port.
-Added User Defined Default Settings. These can be quickly applied when creating new SNMP settings for a device - especially useful for businesses where the switches all use the same SNMP access settings. They can also be applied when importing a list of SNMP devices from a text file in Switch Lists/Device Editor.
-Added a new selection in Global Settings for choosing to use the default DNS assigned to your computer or a specific user defined IPv4 DNS address. The default DNS assigned to your computer are shown.
-A new summary table has been added to the Switch List Final Report (viewed in web browser). This shows each switch and the count of used and unused physical ports. This data can also be exported as XML from the Review History window using the new export button. Requires use the new Connector Present column to be active.
-Added new Connector Present column to the default column list.
-Added new Bulk Settings editor. This allows you to rapidly change settings on a global basis. For example: turning off/on Ping Sweep for all switches, changing the maximum number of mac addresses that can appear in a cell, etc.
-The Export to 10SCAPE button has been removed and the functionality assigned to a new menu selection under the File menu.
-Improved Database Maintenance Window layout.
-Added method for notifying the user if it is suspected that the Bulk Reps (SNMPv2 and v3 only) setting is too high. 8 is the default but very busy switches may stop responding if the number is above 2.
-Added more debugging messages.
-Moved more temporary tables to the working database.
-Improved the detection of a Switch versus other SNMP enabled devices.
-Improved mapping speed for Cisco Small Business switches.
-Improved Switch Results Analysis web page.
-Reformatted dot1x column and made determinations as to whether the port was configured. Corrected problem with dot1x column not reloading properly from the history database.
-Export Switch List Results to XML now includes the dot1x and Connector Present columns.
-Improved Test Device found on the SNMP Settings window.
-Improved USB version startup.
-Fixed problem where two buttons did not gray out in SNMP Walk tool.
-Fixed problem where Excel could not properly import from XML if the sheet name exceeded 31 characters.
-Updated dates to 2018
-Updated SQLite to version 3.22.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.


Revision History - All Releases of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool

2.79.1 December 11, 2017
-Minor fix to dot1x column processing.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.79 December 4, 2017
-Added new dot1x column to display IEEE 802.1x information. See menu item Settings and Tools/Column Order and Visibility Editor.
-Improved HP trunk/LAG reporting by now reporting manual trunks that do not use LACP. These types of trunks are prefixed by Trunk -> in the type column.
-Certain models of Cisco Small Business switches like SG220 series do not correctly report the status of a learned device mac address. Algorithm changes were made to allow for this issue.
-All columns required by 10SCAPE export are now included in the default column set.
-Algorithm change to Export to 10SCAPE.
-Last switch results after mapping a switch list now have column widths automatically size.
-SNMP Walk Tool now has dot1x preset.
-Fixed problem graying out Export to XML button in Review History.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.78 November 8, 2017
-New XML export option for Switch Lists from Review History. When the XML export is opened in Microsoft Excel, each switch results appear as a separate sheet. Each row in a multi-row port (ports with more than one mac address) are shown as separate rows in the XML output. Export progress is now shown on the bottom status bar.
-Review History/Searching now has selections for searching LLDP and CDP for text strings. Searching now defaults to 'Contains' if no options are selected and the search results shown in the right hand list are a bit wider. Search results are now shown in descending order - newest at the top. 'RecNo' in the two lists have been changed to 'No.".
-Corrected reporting of Switch Operational State for Extreme Networks switches.
-Corrected and removed '00 00' showing in Interface Alias column for Force10 switches.
-Warning is now shown if 10SCAPE export does find LLDP data for the switches. Switches with no reported LLDP data are shown. Export progress is now shown on the bottom status bar.
-Added new right click menu option to clear both the results grid and the Switch Info left control panel window.
-Improved parsing of MAC and IP addresses from LLDP data.
-Added Interface Manufacturer derived from remote MAC address in LLDP.
-Moved four tables from spmap database to working database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.21.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.77.2 September 26, 2017
-Added method for showing Force10 Link Aggregation logical interface (aggregator) and member ports in the Interface Type column.
-Web page reports now also reflect Force10 Link Aggregation.
-Improved process of decoding IPv4 addresses contained in LLDP data.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.77.1 August 30, 2017
-Fixed Max Bulk Reps value when you open the Import Devices in Switch Lists/Device Settings Editor. Importing list of devices automatically creates a switch group entry for each device making it faster to create a switch list. Imported devices now show in the list after the import is complete.
-Serial number and model are now retrieved for Adtran switches.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.20.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.77 August 18, 2017
-Added button in Review History for comparing and displaying the differences between two mappings of the same switch at different times. One selection shows the difference between information present on the first switch mapping vs the second switch mapping. The other selection shows movement of a device from one port to a new port. The results of the comparisons may be saved/exported/printed.
-Added Test button to Device Settings. Use it to verify the device is reachable with Ping and verify your SNMP settings are correct. It also can tell you if it is a switch or a different kind of SNMP enabled device.
-The target switch is now tested near the start of the mapping to see if it really is a switch, if not a 'do you want to continue' question is asked.
-Additional sources of warning messages during SNMP single parameter retrievals were identified and the warning suppressed. The warnings were sometimes interpreted by users as errors and slowed the mapping process.
-New Command Line option (-txt) to save the results of a mapping to a hybrid tab/CSV delimited text file. Columns are represented by tabs and rows within a multi-row cell are represented by commas.
-Improved export to 10SCAPE. If required columns are missing, a warning is now shown at export.
-Column Order and Visibility Editor: the 10SCAPE defaults button now turns off the Ping Sweep warning (see Global Settings to reactivate it).
-Global Settings: the Display Ping Sweep Not Configured warning message is now disabled by default.
-Global Settings: when switch group specific settings (like MAC limit per port) are changed, the changes are now saved to the currently shown left panel switch group.
-Switch List Editor: show final report and show individual reports are now unchecked by default.
-Framework: menu and toolbar are now fixed in place and not dockable.
-Framework: top titlebar is now correctly updated to show the switch info when the mapping is complete.
-Juniper, Force10 and Ubiquiti switches are now processed correctly and manufacturer specific details are now retrieved.
-Some models of Adtran switches are now supported.
-Juniper switches now show the vlan name, internal vlan number and vlan tag as follows with the tag in curly braces: MYVLAN(5){100}. Other switch brands will continue to show MYLAN(5) or 5 where 5 is the vlan number.
-In order to speed up the switch list mapping process, the column widths are no longer automatically resized in list mode.
-VLAN identification for older 3COM switches was improved.
-Improvements to data shown in vlan columns.
-Fixed SQL syntax problem in lldpLocChassisId when subtypes 1-7 are present.
-Fixed usability problem with device settings editor where selections from existing community names would not appear to 'stick'.
-Fixed XML export where switch information is added in the left column.
-Added System Description to CDP data.
-New information added to SNMP Error Report.
-Changed Review History icon.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.20.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.76 July 7, 2017
-Added export of results for 10SCAPE network mapping software. Column Order and Visibility Editor now has a default button for 10SCAPE required columns.
-Maximum width of the IP address column has been increased to allow up to 4 IP Addresses separated with commas.
-When adding a switch using Switch Lists/Device Settings Editor/Add New Switch it also automatically adds the switch to the Switch Group list.
-Fixed problem introduced in 2.74 by changing some SNMP request methods.
-Changed terminology from Server/Router 1/2 to Router/Server 1/2.
-Improved mapping of legacy Dell 3024, 3048, 5012 switches.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.19.3
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.75 May 26, 2017

-Fixed problem where certain columns like Mode might show what appears to be an empty cell.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.19.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.74.1 May 19, 2017
-Fixed problem in Switch List operation where if switch did not respond auto-closing of warning window stopped list mapping sequence.

2.74 May 16, 2017
-4 new columns with associated history database additions: Assigned VLAN, Partner Port Id (for LACP/LAG/ieee8023adLag(161) and PAGP), Trunking (Cisco only), Port Security (Cisco only).
-Added a method of canceling/stopping a Switch List in progress if there is an SNMP communications timeout error.
-Added a new table to the individual switch mapping web page report showing the interface manufacturer of devices attached to 'used' ports.
-Minor wording changes to web page reports in the titles of LACP/LAG and PAGP sections.
-Added retrieval of assigned VLANs for ports. Improved algorithm for getting currently used VLANs from qBridge.
-Added parsing of duplex mode and native VLAN to CDP.
-Added cell width presets so that if VLAN, IP address, Hostname, Assigned VLAN, LLDP and CDP exceed a basic width, they wrap around rather than span a huge amount of lateral space.

Fixes and other changes:
-Fixed problem importing switch lists where an improperly formatted import text file would cause a database error message on attempts to re-import.
-Improved parsing of LLDP and now LLDP data appears for Cisco LACP/LAG and PAGP member ports if being sent by the remote switch or server.
-Fixed LLDP processing of IPv4 data so they are displayed in IPv4 format.
-LLDP Capabilities now shows Capabilities Enabled instead of Capabilities Supported.
-Suppressed communication error messages in LLDP and CDP which confused users and slowed down mapping process.
-Fixed problem displaying LLDP data in LAG member ports. In prior versions, LLDP was being retrieved from the switch but not always displayed in the cells.
-Retrieves switch, server/router 1 or 2 chassis MAC address from remote device LLDP for adding to Combined Arp Table.
-Marked LACP/LAG aggregator ports as Interface Type ieee8023adLag(161) even if they are not that way by default.
-Marked Cisco PAGP aggregator port as Interface Type PAGP -> propVirtual(53): with the member ports listed following.
-MAC addresses of LACP/LAG and PAGP remote port members are now shown.
-Fixed problem with web page report showing Cisco last packet times on a port.
-Fixed problem reporting Cisco IOS duplex mode in duplex column.
-Improved color contrasting when a cell does not have a white background.
-Changed instances of "Not Available" in cells to "N/A" for consistency.
-Fixed bug in XML save where sheet name field was allowing characters that Excel will not allow in the name field.
-Speeded up writing to history database by not writing empty columns.
-Speeded up loading data from history database back into results grid.
-Added max width adjustments for certain columns after loading from history database.
-If FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF mac address is seen in local computer arp table, it is now ignored and not used in Combined ARP Table.
-Fixed longstanding problem where a mac address would have more than one IP address due to a variable not being cleared.
-Speed up by not retrieving incoming/outgoing bytes tables if the associated columns are hidden.
-Speed up mapping process by not doing all spanning tree protocol queries if STP column is hidden.
-Removed locate and mark next hop (router). Removed marking known switches. It was causing confusion with users.
-Temporarily removed JSON export due to ongoing technical issues.
-Changed SNMP DLL to non-mib loading version.
-Moved several tables to working (scratchpad) database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.18.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.72 November 10, 2016
-Fixed problem where Link Aggregation (LAG) port speed calculations on certain Cisco Nexus switches would cause a crash.
-Changed the way the IP and Hostname columns are redrawn resulting in faster speed and elimination of a wraparound issue in the IP address subrows.
-Added new right click menu option to switch between highlighting a single cell in the results grid or the whole row.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.71 November 7, 2016
-Removed the requirement to install Visual C++ 2013 runtime.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.15.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.70 September 6, 2016
-SNMPv2 is now the default.
-Changes to SNMPv3 to allow you to set it up without having to download and install libeay32.dll. Simplified SNMPv3 settings window.
-Switch List Editor now allows multi-selection of 'switch group (switch+server/router 1+server/router 2)' items to add into switch list.
-HP Transceiver information is now retrieved and displayed in the web page report for the switch. It is also saved to the history database.
-HP Physical Port Type enhanced descriptions for Type column are now shown in addition to generic port types like Ethernet(6).
-Entity Mib stack and chassis data now retrieved and saved in history database.
-Improvements to the switch stack reporting method. Additional switch brands beyond HP and Cisco will now report. Simplified methods of obtaining model/serial/revisions etc. are a byproduct. Generic switch stack report added to web page report.
-Asset number and service tag number added to web page report.
-Tech Support SNMP Walk tool: fixed occasional crash problem cause by data and the target field now grays out when in use.
-Improved DNS resolver 'save to database' speed.
-Prohibited sorting columns or activating right click popup menu items while switch is being mapped.
-Speeds of LAG/Trunk interfaces are now calculated since most switches do not report the true speed.
-Fixed problem displaying cell colors for duplex column when previous mapping is reloaded from history database.
-Minor internal speed enhancements when in SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 bulk walk modes.
-Web page report now correctly shows 'down' interface count.
-Fixed obscure problem with VLAN indexed community names for Cisco mappings.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.14.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.67 June 14, 2016
-Startup speed improvements especially noticeable when history database is large.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.13.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.66 April 14, 2016
-Fixed SNMPv1 mode hang.

2.65 April 13, 2016
-Revised LAG port algorithm.
-Fixed LAG section of web page reports so that it shows only one row per LAG port.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.64 March 30, 2016
-Corrected problem in Switch List Final Report that gave SQLite database error message.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.12.0
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.63 March 18, 2016
-Link Aggregation (LAG) ports that appear in the interface type column now show ifNames of ports that are assigned to each LAG interface. A new LAG interface section has also been added to the web page reports both for post-mapping and for reviewing a mapping from the history database.
-LAG and other non-ethernet interfaces are now properly tabulated in the web page report, Switch Interface Analysis section.
-Enhanced the message seen when an SNMP timeout occurs and the port number is not 161.
-Check for new version is no longer done during command line mode even if it is globally enabled.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.11.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.62 February 4, 2016
-Database Maintenance: added button to open current user database location folder/directory.
-Database Maintenance: added method for changing user database location to a new folder/directory location. The new location is saved in the registry.
-Command Line behavior change: if -postexit is specified and the switch fails to respond, a text file is written and displayed in notepad. For single switch mappings the software will then exit. For switch list mappings it will exit when the list is complete.
-Command Line: added new option -userdata which, when followed by a directory path in quotes, allows you to specify the location of the user database files. This overrides any saved or default user database directory locations.
-Support database now logs the number of switch interfaces, physical and virtual.
-Support database now logs count of the number N/A values placed in a column.
-Temporary html files (web page reports) are now deleted at program start rather than on exit.
-Switch Lists: added Export Switch List to either a CSV or tabbed text file.
-Improved SQLite error parsing with extended error reporting.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.10.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Code signing now uses both SHA256 and SHA1 for maximum operating system portability.

2.61 December 30, 2015
-Database Maintenance: manually added ARP table entries are now treated the same as entries imported from a file. They will now remain in the Combined ARP Table unless Global Settings/Erase Combined ARP Table Imports on Exit is checked.
-Command Line: corrected problem where file was not being saved properly if full path was omitted from -xml command line option. If the full path is omitted, it will now save to the Documents directory or the last used 'save' directory.
-History Database: corrected problem where the left control panel and top titlebar were not always updated when loading previous mapping results from the History Database.
-Cisco Switches only: if a port is down, we attempt to determine if it is in 'error disabled' mode and report the reason next to the 'Down' indication in the Status column.
-Speed improvement: if the Spanning Tree Protocol column is not visible, we no longer retrieve the information for that protocol.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.60 December 16, 2015

-Added support for Amer Networks switches.
-Added retrieval of stack specific information like serial numbers of indivdual stack members for Cisco and HP switch stacks. This information has been added to the web browser Switch Mapping Analysis report. It is also saved to the History database for later review.
-Added link to our Help Videos web page in both the left control panel and the Help menu. These videos show many typical tasks you might do while mapping a switch or set of switches.
-Added multiselection of the list of SNMP devices in the Switch Lists/Device Settings Editor. You can now delete a one or more selected devices from the list rather than just one at a time.
-Added multiselection of the list of Switch Groups in the Switch Lists/Switch Group Editor. You can now delete a one or more selected switch groups from the list rather than just one at a time.
-Added multiselection of the list of switches in a Switch List in the Switch Lists/Switch List Editor. You can now delete a one or more selected switch groups from the switch list rather than just one at a time.
-Changed reported identification of VirtualBox Virtual Machines attached to switch ports. This information appears in the web browser switch mapping analysis report.
-Added Private Mib selection to the Support/SNMP Walk tool.
-Improved SNMP Library Manager. Now detects if the libeay32.dll you have included is 32 or 64 bit. Update links to obtain libeay32.dll.
-If libeay32.dll does not load, SNMPv3 Settings will show if it is a 64 bit instead of the required 32 bit version. Note that libeay32.dll can be found both as a 32 and 64 bit compile. It is strange that the 64 bit version does not have 64 in the filename.
-SNMP Device Settings now check for IPv6 IP addresses and disallow them. IPv6 will be supported in a later release.
-Improved speed to Duplex Status retrieval.
-Duplex column mode 'auto' is shown blue so the text was now changed to white instead of black to aid visibility.
-Added command line options to start the software minimized (-min) or hidden (-hide). The hidden option must be used in conjunction with the -postexit option.
-Table of known switches is now cleared on exit. More improvements to this table are planned for a future release.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.9.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.55 September 4, 2015

-Clarified text on dialog that appears after you change a device IP address in the Device Settings Editor.
-Changed text on left control panel button from Select Group to Select Switch. This button is used to select previously used switches and switch groups. Use it to avoid re-entering switch settings.
-Added a Used Ports section to the web report generated at the end of the switch mapping and to the Switch List Summary Report.

2.54 September 1, 2015
-A new status column showing success or failure of a switch mapping is now available in the Review History/Available Results listbox.
-Row heights of the CDP and LLDP columns are now taken into account when sorting by clicking on the headers of other columns.
-Improved Device Settings Editor to check for change in IP address and prompt for the action to be taken - add a new device IP or change the existing device IP. Changes to the device IP address are now migrated to all database tables.
-Devices removed using the Device Settings Editor are now also removed from any Switch Lists.
-Device Settings Editor: the Defaults button now clears the IP address and alias text entry boxes.
-Switch Groups can now be imported through the Switch Group Editor or by indicating the group as part of an imported Switch List.
-IP/MAC address pairs discovered as part of the LLDP process are now added to the Combined ARP Table.
-Left Control Panel Switch Info box is now updated when a previous switch mapping is loaded from the history database.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.53 July 9, 2015

-New command line option: "-historydb databaseName" allows you to select a previous or create new history database when running the software from the command line.
-Web browser reports and error messages now all have unique filenames making it easier to refresh one if several are open. They are all temporary and are deleted at the end of the session.
-Added detection of Microsoft Hyper-V devices for the VM section of the web browser reports.
-The SQLite error message window now correctly identifies Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 operating systems. It also now shows the path, size and attributes of the current history database.
-Added new Switch Info reporting panel in the left control panel below the Database Maintenance button.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.52 May 11, 2015
-This release addresses problems in LLDP and CDP parsers that occasionally presented unreadable characters which, in turn might cause an SQLite error.
-LLDP: fixed MAC address and Network address to always show hex output.
-CDP: fixed 'Port (ifName)' and 'Device ID' to show either text (if printable) or hex representation.
-Changed LLDP and CDP retrieval phases to be more responsive to user input.
-Improved LLDP parser so it now works for more switch models.
-SNMP Walk Tool: fixed output parser to show hex instead of non-printable characters. Problem was normally seen while showing MAC addresses.
-Removed an 'are you sure?' popup question for deleting a switch group from a Switch List in the Switch List Editor.
-Improved switch information in final Switch List Results Analysis Report.
-Changed unused ethernet ports section of browser reports to show only if no MAC addresses are on the port and the port is down.
-Fixed formatting on Upstream or Downstream Directly Connected Devices Reported by LLDP and/or CDP in final Switch List Results Analysis Report.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.51 April 29, 2015
-Fixed problem where simply moving mouse over Column Order and Visibility Editor listboxes would cause program crash.
-Updated MAC address/manufacturer database.

2.50 April 21, 2015
-Added Bulk Import of SNMPv1/v2c Device Settings from a text file. See Switch Lists/Device Settings Editor/Import Devices.
-Added Unused Ports Table to Switch Report and improved the same table in the Switch List Results Analysis Report.
-Added new checkbox to Global Settings to control display of Ping Sweep List Empty message.
-Added new checkbox to Global Settings to control display of Duplicate Hostname Warning message.
-Added new checkbox and box to Global Settings for removing stale IP to Hostname resolver entries from the IP/Hostname table. Default is to remove entries older than 3600 seconds (1 hour).
-Added method in Review History to change to or create a new history database.
-Added a SNMP Community Name selection button into Device Settings. It brings up a window showing the currently used read or write SNMP v1/v2c community names for quick selection.
-Corrected problems with Database Protection.
-Database Maintenance/Import ARP Table can now accept comma separated fields in addition to tab separated fields.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.9
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.42 January 22, 2015
-Fixed problem where if history database was empty, you would see an error message about a problem adding a column.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.41 January 14, 2015
-Added new optional Voice VLAN column current supporting Cisco switches only. See Settings and Tools/Column Order and Visibility Editor. The columns will be reset to defaults in order to support adding this new column.
-Improved method used to show VLANs on unused ports in Cisco switches.
-Improved method used to retrieve extended information about Cisco switches.
-Added prompt to copy unprotected database to a safe location prior to protecting certain columns.
-Fixed a problem where Enterasys switches might not map correctly.
-XML exporting: a number of non-English European Language special characters are now translated to their ASCII table numeric equivalents. This will improve the importing process into spreadsheets.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.40.1 November 11, 2014
-Fixed occasionally seen IP address formatting problem in CDP column.

2.40 November 7, 2014
-Added full support for mapping Extreme Networks switches running operating systems ExtremeXOS 15.x, 12.x back through older ExtremeWare 7.7. Expanded switch properties gathering for Extreme Networks switches.
-Additional improvements for better readability on 3200x1900 Hi-DPI displays.
-Improved algorithm for showing assigned VLANs on unused ports on switches utilizing qBridge MIB reporting.
-Improved support for older 3Com 4500 Series switches by showing assigned VLANs for unused ports.
-If the switch reports an IPv4 or IPv6 Multicast Address, we now indicate that in the Manufacturer column.
-Corrected an issue with LLDP where the MAC address might not always show up correctly.
-Added SNMP Walk Tool to the Help/Technical Support menu.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.35 September 5, 2014
-Devices on ports reported by qBridge that are members of more than one VLAN are now shown correctly with multiple VLAN numbers separated by commas.
-The Column Order and Visibility Editor no longer allows you to remove the Interface Index (ifIndex) column from the list of visible columns. If ifIndex is not visible a warning is displayed when you start a manual mapping.
-Results grid default row height is now increased for better readability on Hi-DPI displays.
-Added Help menu links for TeamViewer remote support.
-Added Help menu link to email support.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.6
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.34 July 9, 2014
-Importing a Switch List has been improved. Any problems importing the list are now specifically detailed, ie. SNMP device parameters not present or Switch Group not present. New Save button gives you a way to save the import errors to a text file. Problems with cancelling out of Switch List Import has been fixed. Problem with reimporting a list fixed.
-Corrected problem where in some cases the VLAN, IP Address, and Hostname columns would be so wide that the column widths could not be reduced. There is a new checkbox in Global Settings that limits these column widths to twice the header text width. The checkbox is enabled by default.
-Improved message text where Ping Sweep is enabled and no targets are specified.
-Added new right click option to 'Display Cell Background Color Coding Key'.
-Web browser switch report now mentions the way to view the color coding key.
-Last Changed Time column values will no longer occasionally appear negative. They will always be positive or indeterminate.
-The database 'tempSwitchList.db3' is now deleted on program exit.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.5
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.33 April 29, 2014
-Added algorithm changes to support specific issues with obtaining the VLANs for HP ProCurve 1810G switches. Switch firmware must be v2.12 or newer.
-Added warning message when a user tries to alter certain tables using Database Maintenance.
-Change: when you click in the IP Address or alias boxes in the left control panel, the Settings window opens for that device.
-Updated SNMP Manager to v2.02.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.32 March 14, 2014
-Corrected seven places that could potentially give the SQLITE_BUSY error message.
-Improved operating system reporting in error message.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.31 March 4, 2014
-Corrected error 'GetDataFromSwitch:INSERT OR IGNORE INTO tempMacList'.
-Checks for missing SNMPv1/v2c community name added to Settings dialog.
-Checks for missing SNMPv1/v2c community name added to ARP table SNMP retrieval.
-User is now notified if Ping Sweep is enabled and the Ping Sweep target IP list is empty.

2.30 February 26, 2014
-Terminology change: 'Switch Groups' is the new name for Switch Configurations. This should reduce confusion with 'config' as defined by Cisco.
-Major Operational Change to Ping Sweep: Ping Sweep ranges are now specific to each Switch. This means that each Switch can now have a separate Ping Sweep IP range saved only for that Switch. This also extends to Switch Lists - in previous versions Ping Sweep was only done at the beginning of the Switch List execution. Now it is done for each Switch Group in the list that has Ping Sweep activated and configured with IP ranges. Ping Sweep ranges should be chosen to be the active IP ranges handled by the switch. Ping Sweep now also allows setting of ping packet timeout and retries. (Note: on first use of 2.30, the original Ping Sweep ranges will be copied to each Switch Ping Sweep range. You will need to edit the Ping Sweep range for each switch.)
-Added new method of obtaining MAC/IP Address entries: if a Ping Sweep ping response comes back, a name request is made to the target and responses are used to match IP addresses to MAC addresses (typically only Windows and Apple computer targets will respond).
-Reviewing History: when a previous switch mapping is loaded back into the results grid, the switch IP address now appears in the top program titlebar and the settings for that switch IP address are loaded into the left control panel. Now the user can turn on or off a port on that switch without manually loading the switch settings.
-Added a button to activate the Ping Sweep Editor from the Switch Group Editor.
-Fixed problem with Deleting old history data. Selections labeled 14 days and older were not working correctly.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.23 January 20, 2014
-Fixed minor problem where a Warning message ("The switch did not respond with mapping from bridge ports to ifIndex...") might appear on Cisco switches. The switch was mapping correctly and the warning did not need to be shown - it only occurred if VLAN 1 was not used at all.

2.22 January 17, 2014
-Switch List Editor (important fix): corrected problem with the 'move up' control. Previously, it was copying the data from the device 2 field to both the device 2 and device 1 fields as it moved the selection up in the list. This made a switch list mapping not work correctly because the device 1 field may not be in the switch configuration list.
-Command Line: Added new option to compact all databases.
-Command Line: Added new option to delete data older than a user specified number of days from the history database.
-Review and Search Historical Switch Mapping Results: Added box showing current History Database size.
-Review and Search Historical Switch Mapping Results: Added Delete Results by Date button which gives a method of deleting old results from the History Database.
-Review and Search Historical Switch Mapping Results: Added Compact Database button.
-Review and Search Historical Switch Mapping Results: Fixed problem deleting selected results where an SQLite error would occur deleting from the dot1dBasePortIfIndex table.
-Database Maintenance: Compacting function has been extended to include history database.
-Database Maintenance: Warnings have been added if you try to erase the settings, SNMPdevices and switchConfig tables.
-Support mode event recording expanded.
-Corrected SQLite problem recording the switch list name to the support mode database after completing a switch list mapping.
-Web browser message about duplicate hostnames now suppressed using no error messages command line option.
-Improved speed of writing to history database by removing an unused index.
-SNMP Device Settings: Edit box prompts have been added.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.21 December 20, 2013
-Corrected problem saving multirow cells (ports with 2 or more attached mac addresses) to the history database. This affects MAC Address, IP Address, Hostname and Interface Manufacturer columns.
-Changes to SQLite interface to better handle the rare occurrence of SQLITE_BUSY messages.
-Improved retrieval of serial number, model number and software versions from Netgear switches.
-Added analysis of used/unused Gigabit Ethernet (type 117) ports on a switch.
-Added new table to history database saving the dot1dBasePortIfIndex for future use.
-Added checkboxes to control the visibility of the auth and priv passwords in the SNMPv3 settings window.
-Added warning to SNMPv3 settings window regarding AuthPriv mode when the database is unprotected.
-Improved SNMPManager utility to better check versions of libeay32.dll.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.2
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.20 November 11, 2013
-Revised method for showing VLAN assignment to unused or down ports on Cisco switches. 'N/A' will still appear on stack uplinks and null interfaces.
-Added command line option to show debugging popup messages during command line processing.
-Added command line option to suppress initial error messages that appear when a switch is down.
-Added command line option to load a text list of switches to map in Switch List mode. Also added command line options to turn on Switch List show individual reports, save to XML reports disk and show final report after doing the Switch List from a text list.
-Alterations to Ping Sweep and Hostname Resolver algorithms to reduce chances of database locking issues.
-Corrected problem with CDP and LLDP cells having extra blank lines in them when reloaded (opened) from a saved XML file.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.8.1
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.13 October 10, 2013
-Added new Switch Alias columns to both the left control panel Select Config and Switch Lists/Switch Configuration Editor windows.
-Significant changes to LLDP column: corrected matching of local port to LLDP data. Changed 'unknown' to 'not advertised' when LLDP data was not received by the switch. IP address found in LLDP packet is now shown (if available) and IP address found by lookup in the Combined ARP Table is also shown (if available) and they are noted as to which source the IP came from. The Supported Capabilities are now correctly parsed.
-CDP column: The Supported Capabilities are now correctly parsed. Changed 'unknown' to 'not advertised' when CDP data was not received by the switch.
-Changed the way the number of rows in the results grid of ports is calculated. Some switches may show more ports than they did before, an example is more loopbacks.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.12 October 2, 2013
-Global Settings: Added new checkbox to substitute the switch alias field into the saved XML filenames instead of the IP address. If there is no alias, the IP is used.
-Command Line Operation: added new option for specifying the output directory for saving XML filenames during Switch List mappings.
-Minor Algorithm change: if the target switch does not have a populated bridge port to ifIndex table, the contents of the ifIndex table are used. This will not affect normal operation, some very old switches may now map.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.11 June 13, 2013
-SNMPv3 changes affecting Cisco® switches: corrected problem with context field that was not being added to the SNMPv3 queries.
-Documented changes to Cisco switch running-config that are required to use SNMPv3 and get meaningful results.

2.10 June 12, 2013
-Ping Sweep: significant internal changes to address ARP table issue reported in v2.09. These changes vastly improve collection of ARP information for all supported operating systems.
-Minor wording changes to Web Browser Summary Report. Added details about results of Ping Sweep action.
-Review History: it now remembers the last mode (Switch Lists or Manual Mappings) between successive uses of Review History within a session. If you were looking at a Switch Mapping, then come back to look at another, you do not have to reselect the mode again unless you are changing to a different mode.
-Review History: added switch alias column to Manual Switch Mappings view in the 'Switch Lists or Manual Mappings' list.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.17
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.09 May 17, 2013
-Improved logic of qBridge MIB processing to include switches that only use a small part of qBridge MIB, yet enough to map the switch.
-Added results grid right click menu items to reset color of a single cell, column or whole grid to white.
-Added warning to web page report mentioning the effects of ARP table size when Ping Sweep is active. Affects Windows Vista and later operating systems. Please see Microsoft KB949589 for ways to increase the ARP table size. Default is only 256 entries or less depending on your operating system settings.
-Several minor wording changes to web page report.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.07 April 22, 2013
-Switch Lists: fixed problem where if more than 9 switches were in the list, the ordering of the switches in the list was not correct.
-Switch Lists: Switch List editor now saves much faster.
-New right click results options: Copy a whole row or the whole results grid to the clipboard.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.06 March 4, 2013
-Compatibility improvement: databases as far back as v1.00 can now be opened and will be automatically modified to conform to v2.x formatting.
-Added buttons in Global Settings to create command line presets for using ExtraPuTTY.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.05 January 28, 2013
-Fixed long standing problem where opening an XML results file would at times show distorted fonts in the results grid.
-Fixed problem where Spanning Tree Protocol multi row cell information was not being saved properly to XML results file. It was not appearing as a multi row cell when imported into a spreadsheet or reopened from this app.
-Fixed problem where community names or SNMPv3 credentials that contained SQL reserved characters like single or double quotes caused an SQL exception.
-Changed the default action of Ping Sweep so that it now will only default to 'active' if the subnet mask is or smaller.
-Updated documentation to reflect methods for saving individual XML files during a Switch List action.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.04 December 14, 2012
-Duplicate hostname error message now appears as a page in your web browser if it is encountered during a command line action.
-Double screen painting or blinking on startup has been stopped.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.15
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

2.03 December 3, 2012
-Removed localization from the ifIndex column. This eliminates SQL errors caused when non-numeric characters are found in the column.

2.02 December 2, 2012
-Fixed problem with SQL inserts into the history database.
-Fixed refresh of status column after any column has been resorted.
-Fixed problem of empty cells when Duplex Mode info cannot be found.
-Minor change to allow display of more than one LLDP or CDP response per port.

2.01 November 27, 2012
-Fixed problem with SQL inserts into the history database.
-Fixed refresh of status column after any column has been resorted.
-Fixed problem of empty cells when Duplex Mode info cannot be found.
-Minor change to allow display of more than one LLDP or CDP response per port.

2.00 November 23, 2012
-Major release. September 19, 2012
-Added warning message if any Ping Sweep IP range is larger than 1024. The default Ping Sweep IP range is calculated based on your IPv4 subnet mask. In some cases this could result in a very large default range. This message will warn you and allow you to skip the Ping Sweep action.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.14
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. June 27, 2012
-Improved Cisco processing to include Cisco Nexus 5596 and similar switches. Users may see many more MAC addresses than with prior releases.
-Corrected a problem where it may have been possible for the program to hang when mapping qBridge mib based switches.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.13
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. June 6, 2012
-Improved Cisco processing to include Cisco Nexus 5010 and similar switches.
-Fixed problem where Spanning Tree Protocol processing might hang.
-Spanning Tree column is no longer a default column. It is still available using the Column Order and Visibility Editor.
-Made changes to Spanning Tree processing that will speed up overall mapping if Spanning Tree is not enabled.
-Last Change Time column is now a default column.
-Improved error messaging where SNMP timeouts have occurred. Changed message wording so that when the very first SNMP query fails, you are told there is a settings problem in the switch or the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool.
-Improved Cisco model number retrieval to give precedence to Module information over Chassis information.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. April 12, 2012
-Improved qBridge MIB VLAN processing.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.11
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. March 20, 2012
-Added more boundary checks to prevent crash when processing STP information from some models of switches.
-Added the retrieval of the Address Translation table in addition to retrieving the ARP table from the devices.
-Fixed the update notification processor so that it supports more minor versions.
-Default MAC address per cell limit raised to 16 from 8. This can be changed in Global Settings.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. February 7, 2012
-Altered method for displaying information in Last Change Time column (see menu item Settings and Tools/Column Order and Visibility Editor). It now shows the elapsed time since the port changed state, ie. from Up to Down etc. The message 'Indeterminate' means that the state was changed before the switch was last reboot.
-Fixed 'No Such Instance' message that appeared in the extended properties (firmware version etc) when mapping Linksys switches.
-Added more extensive error messages for when you have insufficient privileges to map Bridge MIB.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.10
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database. January 6, 2012
-Revised qBridge mib processing algorithm and added administratively assigned VLAN notation where available. This notation is found in certain Juniper, D-Link, HP, Netgear and other switches.
-Improved Support Mode logging. January 3, 2012
-Corrected a problem processing qBridge mib information that was introduced in 1.99.8.

1.99.9 December 2, 2011
-Fixed program hangup that occurred during "Getting vmMembershipSummaryMemberPorts".

1.99.8 December 1, 2011
-Additional logic changes relating to displaying duplex information from Cisco® devices that support STACK-MIB. Tested correctly with model 2960.
-Corrected timing problems introduced in 1.99.6 that caused high CPU usage particularly during IP to hostname resolution.
-Changed error messages associated with getting extended information from SMC switches.
-Added new SNMP error message handlers.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.7 October 27, 2011
-Fixed problem with exporting XML that was introduced in 1.99.6.

1.99.6 October 25, 2011
-Changed logic relating to displaying duplex information from Cisco® devices that support STACK-MIB.
-Improved warning message relating to ARP table download limit. Particularly important for core switch mapping: ex. Cisco® 6509 series.
-Removed tab area in lower section of results.
-Export and import of Device SNMP information and Switch Configurations has been added to the Database Maintenance tool.
-Resolving of IPs to hostnames now defaults to on.
-ifAlias is now a default active column.
-Cisco® Small Business MIB now used to gather detailed device info and duplex status about switches from that series.
-User is now notified if hostname column is visible and resolve IPs to hostnames is not checked.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.8
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.5 July 27, 2011
-Corrected problem erasing Combined ARP table on exit if enabled in Settings.
-Added Settings option to erase IP/Hostname Resolver table on exit.
-Added Settings option to control whether or not to use the IP/Hostname Resolver table.
-Ping Sweep has now been moved up to near the beginning of the mapping process so that the switch's bridge tables can be populated if attached devices have been aged out of the switch cache.
-A check is now done on the IP/Hostname Resolver responses to see if duplicate hostnames appear for different IPv4 addresses. If duplicates are found, they are reported in a list.
-Added Print Page Options dialog to File menu item and to the right click menu. This gives you control over the print margins.
-Tested successfully with SMC6128L2 switch and added SMC specific extensions to gather additional information about the switch.
-Users are now given the opportunity to signup for new version notification by email through a form on our website.
-Changed installer to Inno Setup.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.4 June 9, 2011
-Changed from use of SxS DLLs to static linking - eliminates constant end-user system configuration issues.
-Fixed problem running on color depths of less than 32 bits per pixel. Crash occurred when viewing 'About'. This problem mostly occurred when using Remote Desktop to run the program on another machine since Remote Desktop defaults to low color mode.
-Check mark now properly shows indication of the status of Support Mode in the Help/Support Menu.
-Changed the notation of 'Setup' to 'Settings' where applicable throughout the program. Button tooltips were also updated to match this change and some settings buttons underwent minor renaming to better indicate their function.
-Tested successfully with HP Procurve 1810G-8 switch running v2.2 firmware. Duplex information is not available.
-Corrected minor qBridge MIB issue to allow successful mapping of Enterasys Cabletron 2H252-25R Smart Switch 2200.
-Updated SQLite to version
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.3 March 23, 2011
-Fixed significant problem processing VLAN information in qBridge MIB data.
-Fixed problem where an apostrophe in the XML export path would cause an SQL statement write error.
-Added more Support Mode informational messages.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.2 January 10, 2011
-Improved VLAN reporting for Cisco® Small Business series switches.
-SNMP and html report temporary files are deleted on program exit.
-DNS resolved domain names that include ' or " or % characters now have those characters removed so that they do not interfere with SQL queries.
-Removed message StdBridge:vtpVlanState: No data is available.
-Added more debugging messages where 'No data is available.' occurs.
-Corrected interface type SNMP queries to always ask for numeric results.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.4
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated SNMP engine to 5.5
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99.1 September 15, 2010
-Fixed problem where if VLAN column was not visible, qBridge-MIB information was not processed.
-Added more Support Mode informational messages.
-Speed improvements by doing less database queries and removing a duplicate SNMP query.
-Added additional validation of MAC address data.
-Added automatic version check. This is controllable in Setup.
-Changed 'About' window.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.7.2.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.99 October 20, 2009
-Switch Properties window: Added display of Switch IP Address.
-Setup: Autosizing of column widths is now optional. It can also be done on an individual column basis or all columns from the right click menu.
-Fixed error where a switch without a formal internal name was showing an error referring to the Dell brand even it if was not that brand.
-Fixed problem where duplicate mac addresses might show up in the same cell.
-Added another method of obtaining Cisco Vlans.
-Added ability to launch an SSH program from the right click menu and the main menu.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.6.19 and converted it to static linkage to avoid interference with previous versions.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Tested on Windows 7 RTM.

1.98 May 18, 2009
-SQLite: Fixed a problem where SQLite was unable to open databases with some acceptable non-English European language characters in the SQLite database paths. The paths appeared corrupted to SQLite.
-Improved results grid column sorting.
-Switch Properties window: Added method to export to a text file.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.6.13.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.97 April 2, 2009
-Added ability to use CISCO-STACK-MIB portName in custom OID Description column along with new preset buttons. See Setup.
-Improved Duplex Mode column output for devices that support CISCO-STACK-MIB.

1.96 January 20, 2009
-SNMP settings are no longer global. They are now specific to each device (IP Address). One device can be using SNMPv1 while another is using SNMPv2c. Settings include SNMP version, timeout, retries, udp port number and limits on the amount of data you retrieve from the device ARP table. These are part of the new Device Settings window. Improved wording on the Switch Write Community Name section of the Device Settings window to explain that it is entirely optional and not required to map a switch.
-Reworked the user interface in the left control panel to make it more clear which parts are required and which parts are optional.
-XML: Fixed problem import of previously saved XML results. The &nbsp character was not properly being interpreted as a space character.
-XML: Fixed the replacement of < and > signs with &lt; and &gt;. The semicolon was missing. These characters must be replaced because they indicate a tag in XML.
-XML: Fixed font change (it changed type and got bigger) problem which occurred after loading a previously saved XML result, then restarting a new switch map process.
-XML: Export is now much improved due to better conformance to Microsoft Office Excel schema standards. The font is now exported and imported properly. The column widths also show correctly. The overall appearance when viewed in both Microsoft Excel 2002 (and newer) and OpenOffice 3 is vastly improved and looks nearly identical to the results in the results grid.
-XML: removed the column header text when an XML file is loaded. This is because the columns may not be in the same order as they were saved.
-XML: improvements to header column and left side information column that can be optionally added during export.
-Last changed time column is now right aligned.
-Minor improvements to the HTML post-mapping report.
-Menu items now correctly disable during a switch map process.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.6.10.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.95 November 5, 2008

-Now supports Windows Common Controls v6.x. Certain controls in the Setup window and other places will appear different under Windows XP/Vista.
-Added option to delete old Combined ARP Table entries if the program finds any entries older than 7 days at startup. This will help prevent incorrect information in a DHCP environment.
-Added missing editing functionality for newer tables and fixed minor problems in Database Manager.
-Added Support links to Help menu.
-Both methods of mapping bridges are now attempted.
-Fixed problem where System Name/Description/Location/Contact containing a single or double quote character would cause an SQL database error. Disallowed writing those characters when updating switch information from within this program.
-Switch Manufacturer added in parenthesis on top title bar.
-Installer reworked to support side-by-side shared DLL installation.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.6.4.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.94 September 24, 2008

-Fixed problem importing previously saved XML results file. Program would disappear without warning or error message on an attempt to import XML file.
-Added XenSource, Virtual Iron, Parallels and Sun xVM identification to Virtual Machine section in HTML report. The previous names are all trademarks of their respective owners.
-Right justified in/out byte count columns.
-Changed delta bytes columns to instead show input and output bandwidth utilization percentages. Also added Bandwidth Utilization section to html report.
-Added Input and Output Bytes tables to Database Maintenance tool. These are used for calculating bandwidth.
-Changed right click popup menu to allow updating Bandwidth Utilization columns.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.6.3.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Section 508 compliance: Added Actions menu and submenu items.

1.93 June 6, 2008

-Added popup warning message and text in the HTML report indicating when the ARP Table record transfer limit is reached by an SNMP device.
-Added Virtual Machine section to HTML report. Ports with VMWare or Microsoft Virtual Machines attached are currently reported.
-Changed default DNS Warning Time to 120 seconds.
-Fixed Switch Manufacturer field in HTML report so that it now shows properly.
-Fixed SQLITE_BUSY concurrent access problem that occurred during multithreaded IP to hostname resolution.
-Fixed SNMP engine memory leaks.
-Updated libraries for display grid and supporting functions.
-Updated SNMP engine to v5.4.1.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.5.9.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.92 March 14, 2008

-Fixed problem with locating the results grid cell to write the root Spanning Tree Protocol information on one model of Dell switch.
-Added support for retrieving and displaying Spanning Tree Protocol from D-Link switches.

1.91 March 12, 2008

-Urgent fix to correct database table problems (switchConfig).
-Fixed crash problem that happened when Copy Text to Clipboard was used.

1.90 March 11, 2008

-Added menu bar item "Settings and Tools" which allows you to access left panel edit windows like Setup and the new "Column Order and Visibility Editor".
-Added "Column Order and Visibility Editor" which allows the user to configure the order of the columns from and whether or not a column is visible.
-Removed In/Out Byte Count and Delta Byte Counts from the list of visible by default columns. They can be made visible using the Column Order and Visibility Editor.
-Right click menu item Lock Interface Desc Column changed to Lock Leftmost Column because the column order can now be changed to whatever the user desires.
-Right click menu items can change depending on the visibility of some columns.
-Improved Ping Sweep so it can send ping packets to any number of ranges of IPv4 addresses. Access to the Ping Sweep List Editor is in the left control panel.
-Corrected calculation of base range of IPv4 addresses using the IP address of the system and the subnet mask. This is used by the new Ping Sweep List Editor.
-Added watchdog timer to Ping Sweep.
-Improved detection of the computer's MAC address so that you are warned if you try to disable the switch port you are connected to.
-Added support for displaying Spanning Tree Protocol State. Other parameters such as the root device MAC address and IP address are also shown on the port communicating with the root device.
-Added "Tip of The Day" opening window.
-Fixed potential crash issue that occurred if you tried to exit while a switch mapping was in progress.
-Added more toolbar menu selections to correspond to right click popup menu selections in a effort to become more compliant with Section 508 rules.
-Updated HTML report to show Spanning Tree Protocol information if available.
-Improved accuracy of identifying connected switches using historical data.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.5.6.

1.80 January 2, 2008

-Added Ping Sweep. This prefills the local ARP table with MAC/IP associations for the local network segment.
-Added display multiple VLANs per physical port if reported by the switch.
-Added display of assigned VLANs for unused (down) ports for Cisco switches.
-Added display of total and available memory for Netgear and HP switches.
-Added display of telnet and web server status for HP switches.
-Corrected problem calculating IP/MAC ratio when MAC limit was reached in a cell.
-Static device MAC addresses are now retrieved from each SNMP device that is queried. Static entries are retained in the combined ARP table between sessions.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.5.4.

1.72 November 8, 2007

-Added an additional method for determining port duplex settings.
-Added two new columns to the combined ARP table, one shows the source and the other shows the timestamp.
-Added table export capabilities to the Database Maintenance window. Exported text files are in tab separated column format.
-Significant help file updates. Press F1 key or select Help/Help Topics.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.71 October 23, 2007

-Fixed a problem where if a string returned from a switch contained a single or double quote and we were putting the string into an SQL statement, an SQL error was occurring. Quotes are now removed prior to creating the SQL statement.
-Improved error reporting of SQL exceptions.
-Added support for noting switch ports with speeds greater than 1 Gbps (for example 10 Gbps ports). Notation for speed column now shows "Gpbs" in addition to "Mbps" where appropriate.
-Fixed problem initializing internal numeric arrays.
-Changed logic for obtaining duplex mode status due to differing manufacturers implementations. Minor speed improvements may be seen with this change.
-If less than 50% IP/MAC ratio is found, we add additional information about improving the matching of MAC addresses to IP addresses in the HTML report.
-Added support for non-learned MAC addresses such as those tracked when Cisco Port Security is active.

1.70 October 15, 2007

-Full support added for switch mapping using qBridge mib.
-The results grid now shows only 'learned' MAC addresses.
-Added checkbox on the error message window to stop further switch mapping.
-Added extended info queries for D-Link and Nortel switches.
-Improved support for gathering port duplex information from Netgear and Nortel switches.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.5.1.

 1.61 September 17, 2007

-Added changes to map multiple VLANs on Netgear switches.
-Added extended info queries for 3Com and Netgear switches.
-Improved HTML report that appears post mapping in the web browser. Now includes coloration of tables and additional details in tables such as: qBridge.mib VLAN count, switch model, switch serial number, switch software and firmware versions if these items are available via SNMP. Added count of IP addresses matched to MAC addresses. Also added a ratio showing the quality of the ARP table matching. Rephrased 'Background' text for Switch Port MAC Address to IP Address Mapping.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.60 August 21, 2007

-Corrected additional problems with non-standard information returned in a device ARP table query.
-Added new parallel method of resolving IP addresses to hostnames -- this function is now much faster.
-Resolve IPs to Hostnames left control panel checkbox is now checked by default.
-Added new right click option to lock the leftmost results column so that as you scroll to the right, it always remains visible.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.57 August 1, 2007

-Corrected problem where a crash occurred if a device returned an invalid non-printable value in the ARP table. RFC states that values should be octet strings, not non-printable binary characters.
-Added better reporting of SQLite errors.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.4.1.

1.56 June 13, 2007

-Changed location of interface manufacturers database to the common data directory.
-Logo image file is now copied from the common data directory to the current user directory as needed.
-Missing html style was added to distribution.

1.55 May 15, 2007

-Bulk license version created.
-Added new limit on how many ARP table records are retrieved from a device using SNMP. Limit is 1024 and can be changed in Setup. This limit is saved on a per configuration basis.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.3.17.

1.54 April 30, 2007

-Fixed a database problem.
-Added Timing Report table to the web browser report. This will help determine quality of the ARP table retrieval information and assist tech support when necessary.
-Added status bar messages that will appear during SNMP ARP table retrieval. The message updates every 25 records.
-Changed default setting for IP to Hostname mapping to unchecked (off) so that user can choose to see the hostnames when required. This is currently the one thing that affects the total mapping speed the most.

1.53 April 24, 2007

-Completely rewrote the algorithm for mapping MAC addresses to IP addresses and hostnames using the ARP database. This will greatly increase the speed when the ARP database contains a large amount of entries such as may occur in an enterprise network setting.
-Fixed XML export formatting problems that appeared in cells with excess of 80 characters when the results were imported into Microsoft® Excel.
-Fixed XML import problem that appeared during the transition to the new compiler version.
-Added new export options that allow you to export the column headings as a new top row and show the device name on every row in a new left column.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.3.16.

1.52 April 12, 2007

-Added limits to how many MAC addresses can appear in a single cell representing a port on the switch. Default is 8. This will greatly enhance performance on switches used in large networks. See Setup/Miscellaneous. These limits are saved on a per switch configuration basis.
-Added selection for accessing ifAlias notation for Interface Description column. See Setup.
-Added Help/How to Buy giving trial users a quick way to find out about purchasing.
-Updated SQLite to version 3.3.15.
-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.

1.51 April 3, 2007

-Corrected problems reading Duplex and VLAN information from 3Com® 4500 switches.>

1.50 March 8, 2007

-Complete redesign of methods of temporary data storage. This included the addition of a working database using SQLite. We now store combined ARP tables, IP to Hostname resolver tables and a number of switch and device parameters for use between sessions. This greatly speeds up the switch mapping.
-Removed the saving and loading of switch configuration files since that function has been moved into the working database.
-Many changes to support Microsoft® Vista. We no longer save or load any data from the registry. All data and settings are now maintained in the working database.
-Added Database Maintenance window.
-Added Switch Configuration selection window.
-Added SNMP Device selection window.
-Converted the MAC address/Manufacturer database to SQLite.
-Added retrieval of switch manufacturer.
-Fixed problems retrieving the port duplex settings.
-Removed the need for the MIBS subdirectory containing MIBS.
-Added post mapping Analysis in your web browser. This is controllable from setup.
-Added optional user defined Interface Description Column. This is controllable from setup.
-Changed several timeout warning messages to timed message boxes. They will automatically dismiss themselves.
-Converted from VC++6 to VC++2005.

1.42 May 12, 2006

-Fixed problem calculating speed of gigabit and above interface ports.
-Fixed XML export problem. If a row height exceeds 2047, it cannot be imported into Microsoft(r) Excel.
-Fixed XML import problem. Multirow cells were not being properly noted upon import, so if you re-exported the data, the cells were not tagged as multirow.
-Added status indication on lower left status bar to show what IP address is currently being resolved to a hostname.
-Added more checks for user pressing the Stop button during IP->Hostname resolve.
-Added a watchdog function to allow turning off DNS IP->Hostname resolve if it takes too long during a mapping. Timeout is user defined in Setup.
-Removed unnecessary confusing error messages from extended info (Properties) data retrieval functions.

1.41 April 27, 2006

-Fixed widespread problem mapping MAC addresses to IP addresses from remotely retrieved ARP tables.
-Fixed problem where some MAC addresses were not being shown even though they were shown in 1.3.
-Fixed problem where timeout errors occurred while retrieving bridge mib data from Cisco® 6509s.
-Added method to retrieve switch model information for Cisco(r) switches.

1.4 April 25, 2006

-Converted to new SNMP engine: Net SNMP
-Fixed problem with entraneous quote marks appearing in some results columns.
-Added defaults button to setup.
-Added the duplex mode column.
-Added separate write community name.
-Added right click menu option for switch Properties (SNMP sysInfo) and the ability to change some of the parameters in sysInfo.
-Added the interface name column.
-Added the VLAN column showing mapping between ports and VLAN membership. Significant improvements in VLAN mapping.
-Added several new options to the right click menu.
-Enhanced error reporting with suggestions.
-Improved speed of the enable/disable port function.
-Changed SNMP response timeout to 1-60 seconds.
-Fixed a row height problem that occurred when sorting. Multiple row cells now have proper height post sort.
-Fixed a readability problem where a MAC address that was assigned multiple IPs had no spaces between the IP addresses.
-Bridge MIB port status is now checked.

1.3 November 18, 2005

-SNMP v2c is now supported in addition to SNMP v1.
-Export/Save results to an XML file. This allows easy import of the results into spreadsheets.
-Import/Load saved results from an XML file. This allows review of previous switch results.
-Save/load switch configuration settings for easy change of the parameters used to access switches.
-Enhancements to better retrieve model information from Dell® switches.

1.2 May 27, 2005

-Now supports high end Cisco® switches like the 6000/6500 series.
-Data gathering status is now shown on the lower left status bar.
-Right click menu option added to show switch System Description.

1.1 April 27, 2005

-Includes better cross referencing to assure that the MAC address found in the Bridge MIB properly matches the port extension code.
-Updating status and delta bytes columns can now be done after column sorting.
-Added menu item Help/Check for update.
-Added in test to help prevent disabling the port that you are using to communicate with the switch.

1.0 March 30, 2005

-Initial release.